Anish AgrawalJuly 9, 2024

James Anderson, the legendary English fast bowler, has left an indelible mark on international cricket with his extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication. His journey began at Burnley Cricket Club, where his father, Michael, captained the second team. Initially, Anderson considered himself “okay at batting and bowling,” until a transformative winter changed everything. Suddenly, he could […]

Anish AgrawalJuly 8, 2024

India’s triumph at the T20 World Cup 2024 garnered immense praise from the global sports community. Under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy, India ended a 12-year drought for an ICC Trophy, displaying dominant performances throughout the tournament and ultimately defeating South Africa in the final. Following this victory, Rohit Sharma announced his retirement from T20 internationals, handing […]

Anish AgrawalJuly 4, 2024

Traditionally, Europe has been dominated by sports like rugby and football. However, cricket has steadily increased in popularity over the past decade. While traditional European sports still hold the spotlight, cricket is making inroads, particularly among the youth and immigrant communities. This growing interest can be attributed to historical ties with cricket-playing nations such as […]

Anish AgrawalJuly 3, 2024

With the conclusion of the T20 World Cup 2024, a fresh season of cricket is set to commence. National teams are ready to regroup, revise their strategies, and potentially introduce new talents on the international stage. For cricket enthusiasts, the upcoming bilateral series, ODI tournaments, and popular leagues promise an exhilarating journey. Teams will strive […]

Anish AgrawalJuly 2, 2024

As Rohit Sharma, the stalwart opener of the Indian cricket team, approaches his 38th birthday in April 2025, discussions about his potential retirement have begun to emerge. Known for over a decade for his aggressive batting prowess, Rohit’s recent form has been inconsistent, raising concerns about his durability and adaptability to evolving cricket conditions. The […]

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