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Indian Players who have played T20 Cricket in Test Format

5 Indian Players who have played T20 Cricket like Test Format

In T20 international cricket, maintaining a high run rate is paramount for several reasons, shaping the dynamic nature of the game. With only 120 deliveries per inning, the emphasis on scoring quickly is crucial to set competitive totals or chase challenging ones.

A high run rate not only pressures the opposition but also provides a buffer for potential setbacks, allowing teams to recover from early wickets or tight overs.

In this format, aggressive batting is rewarded, and a brisk run rate can demoralize the bowling side, disrupting their plans. Moreover, the fast-paced nature of T20s demands adaptability, and a high run rate forces opponents to rethink strategies on the fly.

On one side, Indian batters are known for their aggressive batting in T20 cricket but here is a list of 5 players who played the T20 format as if they were playing the red-ball format.

1) KL Rahul – 5 Maiden Overs

KL Rahul, India’s swashbuckling opener, stands out for a unique, if not unwanted, record: five maiden overs in T20 internationals. While some dismiss it as an anomaly, others whisper concerns about consistency.

Five scoreless overs may seem insignificant in 72 matches, but all have come in the crucial powerplay, often the difference between a flying start and a stuttering chase.

Rahul’s fans point to his overall T20I average of 37.75, highlighting his ability to build innings. However, his slow innings always put undue pressure on other batters in the team.

2) Shikhar Dhawan – 2 Maiden Overs

Shikhar Dhawan, the left-handed batting dynamo affectionately nicknamed “Gabbar,” boasts an impressive T20I career. Yet, two blemishes stand out: two maiden overs bowled.

While seemingly insignificant compared to his 6000+ runs, these came in crucial moments, raising questions about his bowling versatility. One came in a World Cup encounter, while the other stalled India’s momentum in a tight chase.

Critics argue these lapses expose a weakness, hindering tactical flexibility and leaving the onus solely on the frontline bowlers. At 37, Dhawan is nearing the twilight of his career. While fitness remains exceptional, the demands of international cricket can be taxing for veterans.

3) Suryakumar Yadav – 2 Maiden Overs

Suryakumar Yadav, the current T20I batting king, is renowned for his 360° repertoire and audacious strokeplay. Yet, a curious statistic lurks in his bowling record: two maiden overs in international cricket.

While seemingly insignificant compared to his batting exploits, these rare occurrences raise interesting questions. The number one batsman in T20 cricket has seen some bad days but he can’t be criticised for the occasional off-track performances.

Sometimes a technical master of T20 batting can also fail to be at his best and play with the same momentum in T20 international cricket.

4) Yashaswi Jaiswal – 1 Maiden Over

Yashasvi Jaiswal, the prodigious Indian talent has already carved his name in cricket history books. At just 21, he boasts a maiden Test century, the fastest IPL fifty ever, and a reputation for fearless batting.

Yet, one statistic stands out amidst his meteoric rise: a single maiden over in international T20 cricket. While seemingly insignificant compared to his explosive batting exploits, this lone dot raises interesting questions.

Is it a blip in his otherwise dazzling journey, or a potential chink in his armour? Jaiswal himself remains unfazed by the debate. He embraces his versatility, viewing it as a way to contribute in all facets of the game.

5) Ishan Kishan – 1 Maiden Over

While Kishan’s single maiden over is a curious statistic, it’s too early to draw definitive conclusions. He’s a young talent with immense potential, and his ability to contribute in all aspects of the game could prove invaluable for India in the years to come.

Whether he chooses to develop his bowling further or focus solely on his batting prowess remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Ishan Kishan is a name to remember in the world of cricket.

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