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List of Unwanted Records in Virat Kohli’s name

List of unwanted records in Virat Kohli's name

Virat Kohli is undeniably an artist of the sport. With his masterful strokes and impeccable technique, Kohli has painted a vivid picture of excellence on the canvas of Indian cricket. His ability to adapt to different formats and consistently deliver stellar performances has made him a true maestro of the game.

Kohli’s artistry extends beyond the boundaries, influencing a generation of aspiring cricketers with his dedication, passion, and work ethic. His aggressive yet calculated approach mirrors the finesse of a skilled painter, carefully choosing each stroke to create a masterpiece on the field.

Whether it’s chasing daunting targets or leading the team with unwavering determination, Kohli’s cricketing artistry is a testament to his unparalleled skill and commitment.

However, even after doing so much for Indian cricket, Kohli holds few records in his name which should be forgotten. The records are completely unwanted and were not only Kohli’s fault.

1) Lowest Totals Recorded under his Captaincy in IPL

Virat Kohli, the “King” of IPL, has a reign marked by both dazzling peaks and puzzling valleys. With 7263 runs, he sits atop the league’s batting throne, his 7 centuries testament to his explosive power.

His 2016 Orange Cap win stands as a beacon of his dominance. However, under his captaincy, Royal Challengers Bangalore has not lifted a single IPL trophy and the team has scored the lowest IPL total. In the 2017 edition of IPL, RCB’s innings against Kolkata Knight Riders ended up with a small score of 49 runs. The number will go down the history books of the most elite T20 cricket league.

2) Lowest Totals Recorded under his Captaincy in Test

Kohli’s Test journey is a captivating epic, its final chapter yet to be written. However, as the leader of the team, Kohli took the team to the best of its version. Under his leadership team, India reached the pinnacle of success but failed to lift the World Test Championship.

With multiple positive records, team India, under Kohli’s captaincy also recorded an unwanted record which was recording the lowest total. During the tour to Australia in 2020, team India was all back to the pavilion for a score of 36 runs in Adelaide. In no way Virat Kohli can get rid of this unwanted record that is registered in his name.

3) Lost joint-most Test Matches as Indian Captain Outside Home Soil

While Kohli’s home record as captain remains stellar, his away fortunes paint a different picture. Kohli holds the unwanted distinction of being the joint-most losing Indian Test captain outside home soil, alongside MS Dhoni, with 15 defeats in 24 matches.

Kohli’s own batting form dipped during these overseas stints, adding to the pressure. Critics pointed to technical flaws and tactical missteps as contributing factors. The burden of captaincy, coupled with the demanding away schedules, seemed to take its toll.

4) Century drought in international cricket for 1020 days

Virat Kohli, the Indian batting icon, etched his name in the record books for a reason most players wouldn’t envy – the longest international century drought. For 1020 agonizing days, from November 2019 to September 2022, the world watched as the “King” waited to reclaim his throne.

The pressure mounted with each passing match, whispers of decline swirling. Technical adjustments, captaincy relinquishment, even mental health breaks – Kohli tried everything. But the elusive century remained a distant glimmer. Kohli’s century drought serves as a poignant reminder of the fickle nature of sporting glory.

Even the seemingly invincible face moments of vulnerability. But it also underscores the power of resilience, the ability to rise from the ashes of doubt and reclaim one’s rightful place.

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