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Why MS Dhoni is Most Loved Cricketer After Sachin Tendulkar?

MS Dhoni most loved player after Sachin

MS Dhoni is widely regarded as one of the most loved cricketers, not just in India but globally. While it’s subjective to determine the “most loved” cricketer. A lot of excellent players from foreign teams have openly said that if given a chance, they would like to play under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. Dhoni is known for his decision-making power and the way he treats his teammates. He understands the role of every individual member of the team and uses them accordingly at the right time.

Not only is it his attitude toward the game, but there are also numerous other factors that make cricket fans love Dhoni as much as they do Sachin. In this article, we have compiled a list of reasons why MS Dhoni is the most loved cricket after Sachin Tendulkar.

1) MS Dhoni – The Captain Cool

As the captain of the Indian cricket team, he achieved significant milestones and led the team to numerous victories. Under Dhoni’s captaincy, India won the inaugural ICC T20 World Cup in 2007. It was a historic moment for Indian cricket as the team emerged as champions, defeating Pakistan in a thrilling final. Dhoni’s tactical decisions and calm leadership played a crucial role in India’s triumph. Dhoni’s most iconic moment as captain came in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. He led the Indian team to victory in the tournament, which was hosted by India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Dhoni’s unbeaten 91 in the final against Sri Lanka, where he finished the match with a six, is etched in cricketing history. India lifted the World Cup after a gap of 28 years, and Dhoni’s leadership was instrumental in that achievement.

2) Humility and Calmness

Despite achieving immense success and being one of the most iconic cricketers of his time, Dhoni has always maintained a down-to-earth and humble attitude. He is known for his simplicity, modesty, and grounded nature. Dhoni never let his achievements get to his head and always attributed his success to his teammates and the support staff. Dhoni’s humility is also evident in his deep respect for the game of cricket. He values the traditions, history, and spirit of the sport, and his actions reflect his reverence for cricket. Dhoni often prioritizes the team’s success over personal milestones and conducts himself with grace and respect for the game’s values.

3) Number 1 Test Ranking

India achieved the number 1 Test ranking for the first time in December 2009 under the captaincy of Anil Kumble. Following his retirement, team India held the top spot for a considerable period. Dhoni’s emphasis on building a formidable Test team and his ability to guide the team to series victories at home and abroad played a vital role in India’s ascent to the top.

4) IPL Success

As the captain of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Dhoni has led the team to numerous achievements and established them as one of the most successful franchises in the tournament. CSK has won the IPL title six times, in 2010, 2011, 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2023. The team’s consistent performances, tactical approach, and Dhoni’s leadership played a vital role in their success. CSK has also finished as runners-up on four occasions. After serving a two-year suspension from the IPL in 2016 and 2017, CSK made a strong comeback in 2018, winning the IPL title in their first season back. Dhoni’s leadership was crucial in guiding the team through the challenging period and reclaiming their winning ways. Dhoni holds the record for the most matches captained in the IPL and has the highest win percentage among captains who have led their teams in at least 50 matches. His astute decision-making, calmness under pressure, and ability to bring out the best in his players have been instrumental in CSK’s success.

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