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Ranking India’s Top Five Left-handed Test Openers

Ranking India's Top 5 Left-handed Test Openers _ 28 Jul

Left-handed batsmen have a natural advantage in creating a different angle for the bowler, especially against right-arm bowlers. This can be particularly challenging for bowlers, as they are more accustomed to bowling to right-handed batsmen. 

The ball tends to move differently when coming into a left-hander or going away from them, which can pose difficulties for bowlers in maintaining a consistent line and length. In a team with a mix of left-handed and right-handed batsmen, left-handers can disrupt the bowler’s rhythm and force fielding captains to adjust their field placements accordingly. 

This can create gaps in the field, making it challenging for the captain to set a consistent field against both right and left-handers.

In this article, we have ranked the top 5 left-handed Test opening batsmen in the history of India’s Test cricket.

5) WV Raman

Waman Vamanrao Raman, commonly known as WV Raman, had a brief but notable career in Test cricket for India. He played 11 Test matches between 1988 and 1997, making his debut against the West Indies and representing India as an opening batsman.

In 11 Tests, Raman scored 448 runs at an average of 24.9 and a strike rate of 37.9. Out of these 11 Tests, Raman played 8 Tests as an opener and his average came out as 24.69.

4) Sadagoppan Ramesh

While Sadagoppan Ramesh’s Test career was relatively brief, he did produce some memorable innings during his time with the Indian team. Despite not achieving consistent success at the international level, he remains respected for his stylish strokeplay and contributions to Indian cricket.

He played 19 Tests for team India and scored 1367 runs at an average of 36.95 with two centuries and 8 half-centuries. Ramesh was an elegant left-handed batsman with a sound technique. He was known for his stylish strokes and ability to play both pace and spin bowling effectively.

3) Nari Contractor

Nari Contractor’s cricketing career was marked by both success and adversity. Despite his career being cut short by a serious injury, he made significant contributions to Indian cricket and remains a respected figure in the cricketing fraternity. In 31 Tests, Contractor scored 1611 runs at an average of 31.6 and his innings included one century and 11 fifties.

The injury in West Indies in 1962 was lethal and ended his international career. After the injury, Nari Contractor could not regain his place in the Indian Test team. He continued to play domestic cricket for a few more years before retiring from the game. The contractor also led India at the age of 26 and became one of the youngest Indian captains.

2) Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan’s contribution to Indian Test cricket has been significant, and he has been a dependable opener during his tenure in the team. His aggressive style and ability to score centuries make him a valuable asset to the Indian Test squad. In 34 Test fixtures, Dhawan scored 2315 runs at an average of 40.6 and a strike rate of 66.9.

With seven centuries and five fifties, Dhawan became one of the most dangerous Indian batters on foreign soil. Over the years, Dhawan has faced some injury setbacks, which have at times affected his continuity on the Test side.

1) Gautam Gambhir

Gambhir was known for his consistency as an opening batsman. He could anchor the innings and play long, substantial innings. Gambhir scored nine Test centuries, including a memorable double century (206) against Australia in Delhi in 2008.

Overall, Gambhir was part of 58 Test matches and he was able to score 4154 runs at an average of 51.5 and a strike rate of 51.5. His contributions to Indian cricket, particularly in Test matches, have left a lasting impact on the sport.

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