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Will IPL Franchise Owners Swallow International Cricket?

Will IPL Franchise Owners Swallow International Cricket_ _ 31 Jul

The IPL was established in 2008 as a professional Twenty20 (T20) cricket league in India. It quickly gained popularity and became one of the most-watched and lucrative T20 leagues in the world. The league features franchise-based teams representing different cities or regions in India. 

The IPL’s structure allows private entities and individuals to bid for the ownership rights of the franchises. Each franchise is independently owned and operates as a separate entity responsible for team management, player signings, marketing, and other commercial activities. 

Over the years, various business groups, celebrities, and consortiums have purchased the ownership rights of the IPL franchises through a bidding process.

The IPL has complemented international cricket and provided a platform for players to showcase their talents and gain valuable experience in high-pressure situations. Many cricketers credit the IPL with enhancing their skills and contributing to their success at the international level. 

The relationship between international cricket and T20 leagues, including the IPL, is often seen as symbiotic. While some international players may prioritize T20 leagues due to their commercial appeal, representing their national teams remains a matter of pride for most players.

It has been 15 years of the Indian Premier League and in these 15 years, the tournament has become one of the most elite T20 cricket leagues with the highest amount of financial gains for players and the franchise owners. 

From the past few years, it has been observed that IPL franchise owners are also involved in buying teams in the other T20 cricket league and the latest addition has been South Africa T20 Cricket League. 

They already have stakes in the Majaor Cricket League which is played in the United States of America and the time has come to raise an alarm to the cricket authorities of different countries on the involvement of these franchise owners and their participation in multiple cricket leagues.

Can T20 Cricket Leagues end International Cricket?

Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League (BBL), Caribbean Premier League (CPL), and others, have gained immense popularity and financial success. These leagues attract top international players, have a massive fan following, and provide thrilling cricket entertainment. 

While T20 leagues have brought about a paradigm shift in the way cricket is consumed and played, they have not replaced international cricket. Instead, they have added to the cricketing calendar and provided players with additional opportunities to showcase their talent. T20 leagues provide a platform for players to showcase their skills, gain exposure, and earn well.

International cricket still has its separate fanbase and value which can’t be compared with the T20 cricket league across the globe and hence these T20 cricket leagues can’t take over international cricket in any sense.

Why IPL Franchise Owners are part of most T20 Cricket Leagues in the World?

PL franchise owners being part of most T20 cricket leagues in the world is primarily due to their experience and success in running the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is one of the most successful and lucrative T20 leagues globally. 

They are successful business individuals and conglomerates who have demonstrated their ability to run a successful sports franchise. Their experience in managing teams, marketing, and business strategies makes them attractive partners for other T20 leagues. IPL franchise owners have established a vast network of cricketing contacts, including players, coaches, and support staff. 

This network allows them to bring international talent to other T20 leagues, further enhancing the league’s appeal and competitiveness.

For IPL franchise owners, it is all about business and generating revenues in whichever way they can. The International Council of Cricket and respective cricket boards across the world can’t allow them to interfere or take over the pride of a nation which is the national team and the international cricket tournaments.

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