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Five Cricket Legends Who Are Hitting Boundaries in the Business World

Top 5 Cricketers who are Successful Businessmen _ 4 Jul

When it comes to financial planning, renowned athletes, particularly cricketers, are increasingly tapping into the business sector either during their peak performance days or post-retirement. They are channelizing their earnings and fame to establish lucrative business ventures, creating alternative income streams, and securing financial stability in the long run. 

These cricket maestros leverage their substantial fan base and personal brand to make their business ventures thrive. Let’s unveil the Top 5 cricketers who have donned the entrepreneur hat.

Virat Kohli: The Trendsetter in Fashion and Fitness

Virat Kohli, a name synonymous with cricketing prowess, has also carved a niche in the entrepreneurial space. He brought to life an innovative men’s clothing line, “Wrogn,” in alliance with Universal Sportsbiz Pvt. Ltd. in 2014. His venture, One8 in collaboration with Puma, showcases an eclectic range of products such as clothing, footwear, and accessories. Moreover, Kohli co-founded Stepathlon, a venture aimed at fostering a healthy lifestyle through virtual corporate wellness programs.

Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene: The Culinary Titans from Sri Lanka

The unstoppable Sri Lankan cricket duo, Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene switched gears from cricket to culinary arts. They co-own the much-acclaimed restaurant, Ministry of Crab, nestled in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka. This restaurant has garnered international attention for its sumptuous crab delicacies. Besides this, Jayawardene has been actively investing in real estate and hospitality projects within Sri Lanka.

Sachin Tendulkar: The Cricket Demigod with a Midas Touch in Business

Sachin Tendulkar often hailed as the “God of Cricket”, has been on a relentless entrepreneurial pursuit post-retirement. A major feather in his cap is co-owning Kerala Blasters FC, a football team in the Indian Super League that has captured the hearts of countless fans. His portfolio also includes investments in a myriad of start-ups and enterprises, such as Smartron (an Indian tech firm), (a travel portal), and Smaaash Entertainment (a sports and entertainment company).

MS Dhoni: The Strategic Skipper Turned Savvy Entrepreneur

MS Dhoni, revered for his cricketing acumen, is now seizing headlines with his business ventures. His very own sports and fitness brand, Seven by MS Dhoni, offers an array of products including sportswear, footwear, and accessories. Apart from his ventures in the sports and fitness domain, Dhoni has a stake in the gaming platform, Dream11, and is also affiliated with Run Adam, a sports tech start-up.

Yuvraj Singh: The Dynamic All-Rounder in Cricket and Business

Yuvraj Singh, a cricket icon, has been dynamically engaging in various business ventures. In 2016, he launched YWC (YouWeCan), a sports-centric lifestyle brand, offering clothing, accessories, and sports gear. Moreover, Yuvraj’s investment portfolio is enriched with stakes in health platforms such as Healthians, and JetSetGo, a private jet charter enterprise.

In conclusion, these cricket legends have successfully transitioned from the pitch to the corporate world. Their journey reflects that with proper planning, investments, and leveraging personal brand value, one can build a sustainable financial future beyond the playing field.

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