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Bowlers with Most 6-Wicket Hauls in ODI

Bowlers with most 6-Wicket hauls in ODI

In the 2023 Asia Cup, Mohammed Siraj emerged as a cricketing sensation, leaving an indelible mark with his stellar performances. The Indian fast bowler’s exceptional skills and unwavering determination were on full display throughout the tournament. 

His performance in the final game against Sri Lanka was breathtaking and watching Siraj decimate the Lankan batting lineup became the highlight of the whole tournament. With his first 6-wicket haul, Siraj built the much-required confidence of the team management in himself right before the ODI World Cup.

In this article, we have compiled a list of bowlers who have the highest amount of 6-wicket hauls on their name in the ODI format.

1) Waqar Younis – 5

Waqar Younis, the Pakistani cricketing legend, etched his name in cricketing history with his remarkable prowess in One Day International (ODI) cricket. Among his numerous achievements, his five 6-wicket hauls in ODIs stand out as a testament to his unparalleled skill and impact on the game. His first 6-wicket haul was against England in 1992 when he picked up 7 wickets by giving away 36 runs. 

The other teams he has scored his 6-wicket hauls were South Africa (1994), New Zealand (1994), Zimbabwe (1996), and Sri Lanka (1999). Waqar Younis’ 6-wicket hauls in ODIs not only highlight his brilliance but also underscore his enduring legacy as one of the finest fast bowlers in cricket history. His lethal combination of pace and swing made him a nightmare for batsmen, leaving an indelible mark on the ODI arena.

2) Chaminda Vaas – 2

Chaminda Vaas took Sri Lankan cricket to new heights and displayed his bowling wizardry with two remarkable 6-wicket hauls in ODI cricket. In a 2003 World Cup encounter, Vaas wreaked havoc on the Bangladeshi batting order. 

His impeccable swing and nagging accuracy allowed him to capture six crucial wickets while conceding only 25 runs, guiding Sri Lanka to a resounding victory. Vaas’s second 6-wicket haul came against Zimbabwe in 2004. He dismantled the opposition with his skillful variations and precision, contributing significantly to another Sri Lankan triumph.

3) Trent Boult – 2

Trent Boult has redefined the class of the bowling department for New Zealand Cricket. In a pulsating World Cup clash, Boult’s incredible display of swing and precision dismantled Australia’s batting lineup. His remarkable figures of 6/33 played a pivotal role in New Zealand’s win and set the stage for their memorable run to the World Cup final. 

Boult’s second 6-wicket haul came against India in early 2020. His lethal swing bowling left India reeling, with figures of 6/30. This performance was crucial in securing a series victory for New Zealand.

4) Imran Tahir – 2

Imran Tahir will go down as the most influential spin bowler of all time from South Africa. He is still active in the T20 league cricket and is making headlines with his fantabulous variations. Tahir’s mesmerizing spin in 2016 against the West Indies is etched in cricketing lore. 

His figures of 7/45 were not only a personal best but also one of the finest performances in ODI history, helping South Africa clinch victory. His second was against Zimbabwe where Tahir’s guile and control spun a web around the opposition. His 6/24 dismantled Zimbabwe’s lineup, contributing to a resounding South African win.

5) Rashid Khan – 2

Since Afghanistan made its debut in international cricket, Rashid Khan has been in the spotlight consistently because of his brilliant performance for the team. In a stunning display of spin mastery, Rashid Khan dismantled the West Indies batting lineup with figures of 7/18. 

This historic performance not only secured a memorable win for Afghanistan but also showcased Rashid’s extraordinary talent. Rashid’s second 6-wicket haul came against Ireland in 2019. His lethal leg-spin bamboozled the Irish batsmen, helping Afghanistan to victory.

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