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Three Teams who are Expected to Win ICC World Cup Qualifiers

Three Teams who are Expected to Win ICC World Cup Qualifiers _ 29 Jun

The year 2023 will witness another ODI World Cup which is scheduled to take place in October-November in India. Winning the World Cup is considered the pinnacle of achievement in ODI cricket, and it brings immense pride and honour to the winning team and its nation.

The ODI World Cup provides a global platform for cricketing nations to compete against each other. It brings together teams from different parts of the world, showcasing the talent and skills of players on a grand stage. As of now, there are few teams who are part of the ICC World Cup Qualifiers tournament. The tournament is taking place in Zimbabwe and we are very close to witnessing the two teams who will become part of the upcoming ODI World Cup.

The qualifiers typically involve teams that did not qualify directly for the ICC Cricket World Cup through their ICC ODI rankings or other means. These teams include associate member nations and lower-ranked teams from Full Member nations. The number of participating teams in the qualifiers can vary from tournament to tournament.

It depends on the specific qualification process and the number of available spots in the upcoming Cricket World Cup. The qualifiers usually involve a tournament format, where teams compete in a series of matches to determine the finalists. The exact format can vary, but it often includes group stages followed by knockout matches, with the top teams progressing to the next round.

The top teams in the ICC World Cup Qualifiers earn the opportunity to compete in the ICC Cricket World Cup. The number of teams that qualify can vary, with the top few teams securing their spots in the main tournament. In this article, we have compiled a list of three teams who might win the tournament and gain momentum for the ODI World Cup.

1) Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe cricket has gone through a period of decline in the last few years, and there are a number of factors that have contributed to this. The Zimbabwean government has been accused of interfering in the running of cricket in the country, and this has led to a loss of confidence in the system.

The cricket board in Zimbabwe does not have a strong domestic cricket structure, which makes it difficult for young players to develop their skills. However, in recent times, Zimbabwe has showcased a revival in their system and the team became part of the ICC T20 World Cup 2022. The host nation is also leading the charts and there is a high possibility that we will see Zimbabwe in the final game and lifting the tournament trophy.

2) Sri Lanka

There was a time when Sri Lanka dominated international cricket but post-retirement of their legendary players, the country has witnessed a major decline in their performance. However, they showed some signs of improvement last year as they won the Asia Cup but nothing much has changed since then. In the ongoing tournament, Sri Lanka has displayed their dominance and they are at the top of the Group B table with 4 consecutive wins. Their net run rate is the highest in the tournament and it clearly looks like the players are motivated to change things again.

3) Netherlands

It won’t be a shock if the Netherlands make it to the final game. They finished their group stage with three wins and a net run rate of +.669. The players are in good form and the team is overall working hard to win matches. In the past, Netherlands has been a team who has shocked the world with their performance and we predict that the team will be part of the final game and might stun everyone with a win.

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