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Top Five Cricket Teams Dominating the Current Season

Top 5 Cricket Teams stealing all the glory this season _ 19 Jul

A successful cricket team strives for excellence, seeking victory in matches and tournaments. Not only does winning bring joy to players and fans, but it also enhances the team’s reputation and confidence. Successful teams leave a lasting impact on the sport, inspiring young players, attracting new fans, and generating interest and participation in cricket. 

As a new cycle of the World Test Championship begins with the Ashes, the new cricket season is already underway, and several teams have been stealing the spotlight with their exceptional performances. Here are the top 5 cricket teams that have been shining this season:


Team India continues to dazzle cricket fans worldwide. Despite facing challenges off the field, they have consistently displayed high-quality cricket on the ground. Under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, who took over in 2022, India achieved the number-one rank in Test cricket.

Their performance against Australia was exceptional, and although they suffered a setback in the WTC Final, they remain a formidable force in all formats. The Men in Blue are eager to make a positive start to the new season and maintain their high standards.


England has undergone a transformation in Test and T20 cricket at the international level. After their loss to Australia in the 2021-23 Ashes, the team management made significant changes to the squad. With Ben Stokes as the leader and Brendon McCullum as the new Test coach, they adopted an aggressive approach, famously known as ‘Bazzball.’ England’s success culminated in winning the T20 World Cup in 2022, defeating Pakistan in the final.

Players like Joe Root, Ben Stokes, and captain Jos Buttler have been outstanding performers, making England a formidable side in all formats. The ongoing Ashes series against Australia will be a real test for the team.


The Aussies have been consistent and dominant across all formats. They secured the World Test Championship title by defeating India in the final. Additionally, they triumphed over South Africa during their tour, winning a three-match Test series by 2-0. While they missed out on the T20 World Cup trophy, they bounced back by defeating England 3-0 in the ODI series. Australia is now a strong contender for the upcoming ODI World Cup.

New Zealand

New Zealand has faced some challenges in recent times, but they remain a competitive side. After a semi-final loss in the T20 World Cup, they have experienced ups and downs in international cricket. However, their victory against Pakistan in a three-match ODI series during their tour and a successful tour against India in the Test format brought them into the spotlight. The Kiwis are aiming to regain their form and make their mark in the new season.

South Africa

The Proteas’ journey has been filled with ups and downs, but they have shown resilience and determination. Their qualification for the ODI World Cup was a pleasant surprise, as they had faced doubts about participation. Despite experiencing challenges, they displayed outstanding performances, including a notable victory over West Indies in the Test format. With a change in leadership for T20 and ODI formats, South Africa is determined to regain its position among the top teams in international cricket.

Overall, these five cricket teams have captured the attention of fans with their impressive performances, showcasing their talent, skill, and determination on the field. They are the ones to watch as the season unfolds.

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