Ashes 2023: Top Five Player Rivalries to Watch Out For

Ashes 2023_ Top 5 Player Rivalries to Watch out _ 13 Jun

The Ashes, the historic Test series between England and Australia, has captivated cricket fans for over a century. As we look forward to the upcoming Ashes 2023 series, we can expect to witness some exhilarating player rivalries that are bound to leave a lasting impact. In this article, we delve into the top 5 rivalries that will take center stage during the highly anticipated Ashes 2023.

1) James Anderson vs Marnus Labuschagne: A Battle of Experience and Youth

The clash between James Anderson, a legendary fast bowler, and Marnus Labuschagne, an exciting young batsman, promises to be a thrilling contest. Anderson, widely regarded as one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time, has encountered Labuschagne on 12 occasions in Test cricket. Impressively, Anderson has dismissed Labuschagne six times, showcasing his mastery over the young talent.

However, Labuschagne has proven himself against Anderson by consistently amassing runs, with an impressive average of 55.83 runs per innings. This rivalry epitomizes the classic confrontation between experience and youth, as both players bring their A-game to the pitch.

2) Stuart Broad vs David Warner: Clash of Titans

When Stuart Broad and David Warner face off, cricket enthusiasts are treated to a battle of titans. Broad, known for his aggression and accuracy as a fast bowler, has squared up against Warner on 26 occasions in Test cricket. Remarkably, Broad has dismissed Warner 14 times, underscoring his ability to break through the defenses of the Australian opener.

Nevertheless, Warner has consistently posed a significant challenge for Broad, boasting an impressive average of 45.38 runs per innings against him. Both players share a reputation for their aggressive style and ability to score runs swiftly, making their rivalry exceptional and captivating for fans worldwide.

3) Mitchell Starc vs Jonny Bairstow: Clash of the Speedsters

The clash between Mitchell Starc, one of the world’s premier fast bowlers, and Jonny Bairstow, one of England’s most brilliant batsmen, is eagerly anticipated. Starc and Bairstow have faced each other on 17 occasions in Test cricket, resulting in an enthralling rivalry. Starc has managed to dismiss Bairstow eight times, showcasing his ability to outwit the English batsman.

However, Bairstow has proven his mettle against Starc, boasting an impressive average of 46.00 runs per innings. Their confrontations on the field have been filled with captivating moments. In the 2019 Ashes, Starc dismissed Bairstow for a duck, but in the 2021-22 edition, Bairstow responded with a magnificent 136 runs, which included two sixes and 19 fours, primarily targeting Starc during the game. Their rivalry epitomizes the intensity and excitement that the Ashes series brings to the cricketing world.

4) Nathan Lyon vs Ben Stokes: Clash of the Titans

The rivalry between Nathan Lyon, Australia’s premier spinner, and Ben Stokes, one of England’s most aggressive batsmen, has provided spectators with thrilling battles over the years. Lyon and Stokes have faced each other 24 times in Test cricket, with Lyon managing to dismiss Stokes on 14 occasions.

Despite Lyon’s success in taking his wicket, Stokes has consistently scored heavily against the spinner, boasting an average of 44.64 runs per innings. Their clashes on the field are a testament to the spirit of the gentleman’s game, as both players display immense respect for each other while showcasing their skills. The Lyon-Stokes rivalry adds an extra layer of excitement to the Ashes series, captivating fans with their enthralling contest.

5) Stuart Broad vs Steven Smith: The Battle of Will and Skill

The rivalry between Stuart Broad, England’s ferocious pacer, and Steven Smith, one of Australia’s most elegant batsmen, is a captivating battle of will and skill. Broad and Smith have faced each other a staggering 34 times in Test cricket, resulting in numerous memorable encounters. Broad has dismissed Smith on 11 occasions, highlighting his ability to challenge the formidable Australian batsman.

However, Smith has consistently risen to the occasion, amassing runs at an average of 55.83 per innings against Broad. With a wealth of experience in Test cricket, both players possess a deep understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, making their rivalry a captivating spectacle. The Broad-Smith clash is eagerly awaited by fans, as they showcase their exceptional skills in pursuit of victory for their respective teams.

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