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Non-retired Indian bowlers with Most Wickets in Test Cricket

Top 5 non-retired Indian bowlers with most wickets in test cricket

The quality of bowlers in Indian Test cricket has undergone a transformative evolution, marking a departure from the traditional perception of India as a batting-centric team.

In recent years, India has cultivated a formidable bowling lineup, boasting a diverse array of talents. The emergence of pace bowlers capable of consistently breaching 140 km/h, complemented by spinners with artful variations, has added a new dimension to India’s Test cricket prowess.

The likes of Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, and Ishant Sharma spearhead a potent pace attack, while spin maestros Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja continue to bamboozle batsmen with their guile.

This multifaceted bowling unit has played a pivotal role in India’s success on both home and foreign soil, dismantling oppositions with skill, strategy, and unwavering determination.

Here is a list of 5 Indian bowlers who are still playing international cricket with the most wickets in Test cricket.

1) Ravichandran Ashwin – 490

India’s spin maestro, Ravichandran Ashwin, stands tantalizingly close to a historic milestone. With 490 wickets in Test cricket, he needs just 10 more to join an elite club of bowlers who have crossed the 500-wicket mark.

Ashwin’s journey has been remarkable, from a street cricketer in Chennai to a world-renowned spinner, bamboozling batsmen with his repertoire of carrom balls, doosras, and sharp off-breaks. His impact transcends mere wickets.

Ashwin is the ultimate competitor, relishing the battle between bat and ball, his animated appeals and passionate celebrations becoming his trademark. He’s also a shrewd tactician, constantly innovating and adapting to different conditions and batsmen.

2) Ishant Sharma – 311

India’s lanky pace spearhead, Ishant Sharma, stands tall with 311 wickets in Test cricket. A towering figure both literally and figuratively, Ishant has been a mainstay of the Indian attack for over a decade, troubling batsmen with his raw pace, relentless bounce, and nagging accuracy.

Injuries and dips in form tested his resolve, but Ishant, like the wickets he dismantles, has shown remarkable resilience.

Ishant last played with Team India in the red-ball format in 2021 and since the pacer has disappeared and now, with new faces coming into the team, it has become more difficult for him to make a comeback to the team.

3) Ravindra Jadeja – 275

Ravindra Jadeja, the name itself evokes a unique image in the cricket world. A dynamic all-rounder, his impact on the game extends far beyond his impressive 275 wickets in Test cricket.

Jadeja’s left-arm spin bamboozles batsmen with its accuracy and variety. His sharp turn, deceptive drift, and the occasional unplayable delivery make him a constant threat.

But his contributions go beyond mere wickets. His fielding is electric, saving crucial runs and producing acrobatic catches with regularity.

4) Mohammed Shami – 229

With 229 wickets in Test cricket, Mohammed Shami stands firmly at the forefront of India’s fiery pace attack. His name is synonymous with swing bowling artistry, his lethal combination of seam movement and raw pace leaving batsmen mesmerized and wickets tumbling.

Shami’s journey hasn’t been without trials. Injuries threatened to derail his ascent, but like the unplayable deliveries he unleashes, Shami has fought back with unwavering determination.

He’s remodelled his action, adding control and consistency to his repertoire, becoming a fearsome weapon across conditions.

5) Umesh Yadav – 170

Umesh Yadav has almost finished his international career with 170 wickets in Test cricket. He was a bowler who could single-handedly turn the tide of a match, unleashing lightning-fast deliveries that rattle stumps and send shivers down batsmen’s spines.

However, Umesh’s pace and swing disappeared with time and he is now no longer on the list for BCCI and the selection committee. Yadav has retired from international cricket but with every year passing by, the hope of his comeback gets dimmer.

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