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Five Most Expensive Overs in T20 Cricket

5 Most Expensive Overs in T20 Cricket

In the fast-paced world of T20 cricket, bowlers often emerge as the unsung heroes and match-winners. Their ability to control the game’s momentum through strategic variations in pace, line, and length is unparalleled. Unlike longer formats, where patience is key, T20 demands instant impact.

Bowlers who can adapt swiftly, deceive batsmen with cunning variations, and execute under pressure become invaluable assets. They possess the knack for breaking partnerships, stifling run rates, and delivering crucial breakthroughs.

However, in the past, the bowlers have also been in a situation where they have faced the heat.

Whether due to errant deliveries, tactical missteps, or batsmen’s aggressive onslaughts, the bowlers have bowled expensive overs and become the primary reason for the loss. Here is a list of 5 of the most expensive overs in the history of T20 cricket.

1) India v England 36 Runs (2007)

Stuart Broad’s unforgettable moment in the 2007 T20 World Cup saw him on the receiving end of cricketing history as Yuvraj Singh, with sheer brilliance, struck six consecutive sixes off his bowling.

This unprecedented display of power-hitting stunned the cricketing world, etching Yuvraj’s name in the annals of the sport. Broad’s valiant effort to contain the assault fell short against Yuvraj’s onslaught, highlighting the volatile nature of T20 cricket.

Broad’s over was the highlight of the day which costed England 36 runs in the match. It has been 17 years to that particular over, but the memories of those 6 balls are still evergreen in the minds of both players.

2) West Indies v Sri Lanka 36 Runs (2021)

In a remarkable display of power-hitting, Kieron Pollard etched his name in cricketing history by smashing Akila Dhananjaya for six consecutive sixes during a T20 match in 2021.

The awe-inspiring feat showcased Pollard’s unparalleled strength and precision in dismantling even the most skilled bowlers. Despite Dhananjaya’s efforts, Pollard’s relentless assault left spectators in awe and bowlers in dismay.

By achieving this fleet, Pollard became the 2nd batsman to do so after Yuvraj Singh. While Akila Dhananjay registered his name in the history books of cricket for all the wrong reasons.

3) New Zealand v India 34 runs (2020)

Shivam Dubey’s name entered unwanted record books during the 2020 India vs New Zealand T20I series. In the final match, brought on to quell the Kiwi charge, Dubey’s first over proved disastrous.

A barrage of sixes, fours, and a no-ball saw Ross Taylor and Tim Seifert pummel him for a staggering 34 runs. The carnage, etched in cricket history as the second-most expensive over in T20Is, turned the tide of the match and left Dubey with a night to forget, forever tinged with the echo of flying leather and clanging bails.

4) Zimbabwe v Bangladesh 34 Run (2022)

Bangladesh’s left-arm spinner Nasum Ahmed endured a torrid time during the third T20I against Zimbabwe in 2022. Tasked with bowling the 15th over, Ahmed found himself on the receiving end of Ryan Burl’s brutal assault.

Burl, in a display of clean hitting, smashed four consecutive sixes off Ahmed’s deliveries, followed by a boundary and another maximum to finish the over on a staggering 34 runs. The night belonged to Burl, whose six-hitting spree silenced the Bangladeshi bowlers and sent a resounding message across the cricketing world.

5) England vs South Africa 32 Run (2016)

Chris Jordan, England’s paceman, faced the heat in 2016 when South Africa unleashed their batting might against him. During a crucial encounter, Jordan found himself in the firing line of J.P. Duminy, the Proteas’ batting powerhouse.

Duminy hit Jordan for 4 sixes and 2 fours in the over and gave a major advantage to his team during the game. Jordan, on the other hand, was helpless and turned out to be the most expensive bowler of the day.

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