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Top Five Finishers in International Cricket

Top 5 Finishers in International Cricket Currently _ 7 Jun

When it comes to international cricket or even domestic format, the role of a finisher plays an important part when a team is chasing a score. For a team having a finisher is crucial as they need to handle the pressure of the situation, maintain a high scoring rate, and make the most of the limited deliveries remaining.

A finisher also plays a crucial role in giving a push to the overall score made by the opening and middle-order lineup. He is tasked with scoring runs on any kind of bowling attack and taking risks on the field.

The role of a finisher is critical in the modern game, where run rates are high, and matches can be decided in the final few overs. The ability to handle pressure, score quickly, and finish matches is a valuable asset for any team.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best finishers who are active in international cricket.

5) Hardik Pandya

One of the biggest surprises for Team India was the comeback of Hardik Pandya in international cricket. He was dropped from the senior team but made an impressive comeback after performing exceptionally well in IPL 2022. Pandya has changed his attitude completely and he looks more calm and composed in difficult situations. In recent times, Pandya has finished multiple games for Team India and has filled the void that MS Dhoni left after his retirement. It is because of his consecutive impressive performances, he is now getting ready to lead Team India in the T20 format.

4) David Miller

Known for his explosive and aggressive batting style, David Miller has become one of the most impetuous batsmen from South Africa. Miller’s batting style is characterized by his powerful hitting and ability to clear the boundaries with ease even being under pressure during the game. He is skilled to play the pace attack during the death overs and has an unorthodox style to play the Yorkers. Miller is also skilled at rotating the strike and finding gaps in the field to accumulate runs. He brings excitement and firepower to the South African batting lineup with his ability to hit boundaries and accelerate the scoring rate.

3) Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes is the new generation of England who has completely revived English cricket and has taken it to new heights. Stokes is an aggressive, powerful, and adaptable batsman who can stun the opposition with his wide variety of shots and play according to the conditions on the field. He is particularly effective in clearing the boundaries and can score quick runs, making him a valuable asset in limited-overs cricket. Stokes also carries the ability to dominate the bowlers from the first ball Stokes faces while remaining calm and composed during the difficult situation.

2) Cameron Green

Cameron Green exploded on the international scene in 2022 with consecutive performances as an all-rounder for Australia. Green possesses excellent technique and footwork, which allows him to handle different types of bowling with ease. One of Green’s notable traits is his patience at the crease. He displays the ability to assess the situation, read the game, and construct his innings accordingly. He has become a crucial member of the Australian team at the age of 23 and the expectations are high for him for the upcoming challenges.

1) Jos Buttler

The list won’t be completed if Jos Buttler is not mentioned in it. Buttler has become one of the most ferocious batsmen in the world who can play big shots and rotate strikes in any situation. In ODIs, Buttler has an average of 41.5 and a brilliant strike rate of 117.9. In the T20 format, Buttler carries an average of 34.8 and a strike rate of 144.1. One of the traits of Jos Buttler is the variety of shots he has and due to which it becomes difficult for a bowler to predict his next move.

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